Ascot Monochrome Headband & Ribbon Wrist Band Craft Idea

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Ascot Monochrome Headband & Ribbon Wrist Band Craft Idea

Using the pomp and circumstance of Ascot as inspiration, we have created these two wearable monochrome craft ideas. Complete your race day look with a jaunty headband complete with top hat, lace and flowers in monochrome and a ribbon and tulle net wristband, completed with buttons.

We made our flowers from floristry crepe using the small rose stencil as a template. You can attach the flowers to the headband using a cool melt glue gun or silicone glue. If you use silicone glue, make sure you leave the headband time to dry. See our 'How To' tab for instructions and more hints and tips for these crafts.

Inspiration for this black and white craft concept came from the popular musical film, My Fair Lady. See why it inspired Jamie, our designer, in our Ascot blog post.

Ascot Inspired Headband:
  1. Glue the lace to the inside end of the headband at a right angle.
  2. Wrap it over the front and then bring it behind so you have gone around the plastic headband once.
  3. Pull the lace to the angle you want to wrap your headband, making sure that the lace partially covers the first lot of lace you wrapped around.
  4. Once you have your angle, continue to wrap your lace around the headband so that the edges of the lace sit flush with each turn.
  5. If you have a small gap between your lace, just push the lace towards the start of the headband to close the gap.
  6. Continue wrapping the headband until you reach the other end.
  7. At the back of the headband, trim the lace to length and glue down.
  8. We then glued on the top hat, feathers, flowers and embellishments.

Ribbon Wrist Band Bracelet:

  1. Cut a 2 lengths of 10mm wide ribbon, ensuring that it is long enough to wrap around the recipients wrist and be able to be tied. We used 2 x 40cm lengths to fit an adult. Put these to one side.
  2. Next cut a 30cm length of 25mm wide ribbon in a contrasting colour.
  3. Place 1 x 10mm wide lengths of ribbon on a protected surface and prepare your glu, we used a cool melt glue gun.
  4. Glue the centre of the 25mm ribbon on top of the centre of the 10mm ribbon, leave to dry.
  5. Concertina the 25mm ribbon either side of the glued centre as detailed in the picture below.
  6. Once folded secure each end of the 25mm ribbon using a small amount of glue.
  7. Once dry place the second 10mm ribbon length and glue over the top, only placing glue the width of the 25mm concertina ribbon. This is the strap completed, place to one side..
  8. Cut a 30cm length of 25mm ribbon and tulle net, placing the tulle net over the ribbon create a loop and secure the ends. When dry pull loop flat with the glued ends centre back.
  9. Using a 15cm length of 25mm ribbon tie around the flattened loop to create a large bow.
  10. Attach one or two buttons over the knot.
  11. Take the prepared ribbon strap and glue the large bow at the centre, leave to dry and you now have a quirky ribbon wrist band bracelet.

We used a cool melt glue gun to create our wrist band but you can sew the ribbons together if preferred.