Everything Else... Stickers for Kids

100 Stickers on a Roll
In loads of themes for all sorts of craft sessions and even party bags.

800 Mini Stickers
Great for box decorating, card making, collages and much, much more.

Christmas Stickers
Sticker packs for Christmas themed crafts.

Easter Stickers
Sticker packs for Easter themed crafts.

Foil Stars & Shapes
Stars and other simple shapes - great for reward charts.

Foiled Fun Stickers
Stickers for every imaginable theme!

Foiled Fun Stickers - Bulk
Bulk packs fo our ever-popular foiled fun stickers.

Gel Gem Style
Great for embellishing all sorts of crafts with extra sparkle.

Giant Sticker Sheets
Big sticker sheets for even bigger fun!

Glitterations Stickers
Add some sparkle to your crafts with our glittery stickers.

Group Sticker Packs
Sticker packs ideal for schools or groups.

Group Sticker Scenes
Sticker scenes, great for a group crafty session.

Halloween Stickers
Sticker packs for Halloween themed crafts.

Hand Made by... Labels
Stickers for labelling your handcrafted products.

Letters & Numbers
Great for collages, cards and loads of other kids craft projects.

Mini Sticker Sheets
Ideal for kids crafts and smaller projects.

Stickers that will look great on reward charts, at home or in school.

Moving & Bouncing
Loads of themes, stickers with springs and moving parts.

Other Individual Sheets
Our other stickers that don't quite fit in our other categories.

Pirate Stickers
Stickers for pirate themed parties and crafts.

Pop Up Fuzzies
Stickers with 3D parts and fuzzy details.

Princess Stickers
Stickers for princess themes parties and crafts.

Sticker Collections
Packs of stickers in a wide range of themes.

Sticker Pads

Sticker Pads
Bound sticker books and pads, great for party bag fillers.

Velvet Art Stickers
A crafty classic, colour in shapes outlined in velvet.

Window Clings
Decorate your windows too with these fun window clings.