Craft Supplies Felt Sheets & Rolls

1m Rolls - 45cm wide

1m Rolls - 45cm wide
1m long by 45cm wide rolls of acrylic felt for craft projects.

5m Rolls - 45cm Wide
Jumbo 5m long by 45cm wide rolls of polyester acrylic felt.

Bulk Packs

Bulk Packs
Buy polyester craft felt in bulk packs with great volume discounts.

A2 Felt Sheets

A2 Felt Sheets
Felt sheets that are A2 or 420 by 594mm plus, in size.

A4 Felt Sheets

A4 Felt Sheets
Standard sheets of A4 polyester felt for craft projects. 210 x 297mm plus.

A5 Felt Sheets

A5 Felt Sheets
Sheets of felt approximately A5 in size.

Chunky & Thick
Thick acrylic felt sheets, ideal for crafts where strength is needed.

Stiffened Felt

Stiffened Felt
Stiff polyester felt for 3D and other craft projects.

Self Adhesive Felt

Self Adhesive Felt
Polyester felt with a peel and stick, self adhesive backing.

Felt Offcuts

Felt Offcuts
No need to buy sheets for kids groups - these offcuts are perfect.

Felt Shapes for Crafts
Felt shapes, including letters, numbers and more.....

Felt Finger Puppets
Finger puppets made from felt for children to stick or sew.

Flocked Shapes

Flocked Shapes
Flock covered shapes for craft projects and card making.

Mixed Colours
Polyester felt sheets and rolls in assorted colour packs.

Shades of Beige
Polyester felt sheets in shades of brown for craft projects.

Shades of Black
Acrylic felt in shades of black, great choice of rolls and sheets.

Shades of Blue
Blue acrylic craft felt for your projects and activities.

Shades of Brown
Brown polyester craft felt - not just for reindeer crafts!

Shades of Green
Not just for Christmas trees! Green acrylic felt in all shades.

Shades of Grey
Grey and mottled polyester craft felt sheets & rolls.

Shades of Orange
Acrylic craft felt in shades of orange.

Shades of Pink
Pretty pink and cerise acrylic felt sheets and rolls.

Shades of Purple
Purple and lavender polyester felt for crafts.

Shades of Red
Red acrylic craft felt - not just for Christmas stockings....

Shades of White
White polyester acrylic craft felt for crafts.

Shades of Yellow
Polyester felt sheets and rolls in shades of yellow.