Craft Supplies Foam Sheets & Shapes

Foam Sheets

Foam Sheets
Our sheets come in a huge range of sizes and colours.

Foam Shapes
Foam shapes in a variety of packs sizes, to suit all crafts.

Foam Letters

Foam Letters
Pre-cut foam letters and numbers, shapes & stickers.

Foam Balls
Not bouncy, but still lots of fun! For a wide range of craft uses.

Foam Beads - Unusual!

Foam Beads - Unusual!
Foam beads are great for lacing crafts, especilly for smaller hands!

Foam Bookmarks
Make personalised bookmarks with our foam bases.

Foam Buckets
Unusual foam buckets for kids decorative craft projects.

Foam Can Huggers
Keep your cans cool in style with our ready-to-decorate huggers.

Foam Doorhangers
A classic craft, doorhangers are fab fun to decorate.

Foam Hats

Foam Hats
Princess tiaras, crowns & visors to decorate with craft supplies.

Foam Glow in the Dark
Glow foam, great for outer space themed crafts.

Foam Masks

Foam Masks
From masked balls to a monster bash, build your mask with our foam blanks.

Foamie Pens & Paints
Pens and paints especially for use on foam products.

Glue for Foam
Glues that are ideal for use in your foam crafts.