Craft Supplies Jewels & Rhinestones

Adhesives for Jewels
Glues especially suited to jewels and gems.

Bulk Packs
Big packs for big crafts!

Just for Kids
Jewels, gems and rhinestones just for kids crafts - great value.

Mirror Mosaics
Self adhesive mosaic mirror tiles for crafts.

Mixed Colours
Jewels and gems in mixed colour packs.

Mixed Shapes

Mixed Shapes
Mixed shape packs of jewels and gems.

Pearl Gems
Great for weddings or just a more refined finish to your crafts.

Swarovski Crystals
Mini 3mm & 5mm flat backed Swarovski crystals for crafts.

Self Adhesive Jewels
Gems that need no extra gluing.

Shades of Black

Shades of Black
Ideal for Halloween crafts, our selection of black jewels.

Shades of Blue
From baby to navy - find your shade here.

Shades of Gold
Add opulence to your crafts with our gold shades.

Shades of Green
All sizes & shapes of green gems and jewels.

Shades of Orange
Orange jewels and gems to brighten up your crafts.

Shades of Pink

Shades of Pink
Great for girly-girls and princess crafts, all our pink gems are here.

Shades of Purple

Shades of Purple
From amethyst to lilac, we have a great range of purple gems.

Shades of Red

Shades of Red
For romantic gestures & Christmas crafts alike.

Shades of Silver/Clear
For a diamond look, use our silver or clear jewels.

Shades of Yellow
Brighten your craft projects with yellow gems and jewels.

Shaped - Butterflies
Butterfly gems in all colours and sizes, suited to a range of crafts.

Shaped - Flowers
Flower shaped jewels, especially good for Mother's Day crafts.

Shaped - Hearts

Shaped - Hearts
Great for Valentine's crafts, try our selection of heart gems.

Shaped - Others
More unusual shaped gems & jewels in this section.

Shaped - Round
Round gems in all colours and sizes, for a wide variety of crafts.

Shaped - Square & Mosaic
Great for all kinds of crafts, our selection of square jewels.

Shaped - Stars

Shaped - Stars
Ideal for space themed and loads of other crafts.

Shaped - Teardrop & Petal

Shaped - Teardrop & Petal
Tear-drops or individual petal shaped craft gems.

Need somewhere to keep all your gems? Try our storage section.

Bring a bit of bling to your craft projects with our sparkling range of craft jewels and gems! We have a huge array of colours and sizes of gems for both adults and childrens crafts, perfect for any craft creation.