Craft Supplies Pipe Cleaners

View All Pipecleaners

View All Pipecleaners
Huge range of pipe cleaners for craft projects - all colours, sizes and designs.

Bulk Packs
Our range of pipecleaners are available in larger quantities.

Something different our bumpy pipe cleaners in various colours.

Chunky & Thick
For the bigger craft project., try our chunky pipecleaners.

Colour - Beige
Beige pipe cleaners, great for making animals.

Colour - Black

Colour - Black
Our black pipe cleaners are perfect for making spiders.

Colour - Blue
Royal or baby blue pipecleaners for your craft projects.

Colour - Brown
Making craft animals, our brown pipe cleaners are must.

Colour - Gold
Add sparkle to your crafts with our gold tinsel pipe cleaners.

Colour - Green
Green pipecleaners are great for Christmas crafts.

Colour - Grey
Grey pipe cleaners are ideal for making craft mice.

Colour - Neon

Colour - Neon
Brighten up your craft work with neon pipcleaners.

Colour - Orange
Ideal for Halloween crafts, our orange pipecleaners.

Colour - Pink
Girls craft projects, pipecleaners in hot pink & baby pink.

Colour - Purple
Purple and lavender pipecleaners for your craft projects.

Colour - Red
Shades of red pipe cleaners for your valentines day crafts.

Colour - Silver
Sparkly silver chenille steams to add shine to your crafts.

Colour - White
Various sizes of white pipe cleaners for creating your crafts.

Colour - Yellow

Colour - Yellow
Yellow pipe cleaners, great for your Easter craft projects.

Extra Long

Extra Long
Giant pipecleaners for larger craft creations.

Assorted pipecleaners for hair, animals and monsters.


Pipe cleaners in mixed colours and sizes for your crafts.

One Colour
Various colours and sizes in our one colour range for your crafts.


Patterned pipecleaners - ideal for animals,monsters and Christmas.

Various skinny pipecleaners for craft work - 3mm & 4mm sizes.


Add shine to your crafts with our glitter and tinsel chenille stems.

Construction Staws
Straws for kids play and construction activities.

Keep the kids craft box stocked with pipe cleaners and you have the basis for so many kids craft activities. Littlecraftybugs has one of the largest ranges around, so choose from plain, patterned, neon, skinny, thick, looped and tinsel pipecleaners and get them crafting! Curl them, bend them, make with them!