Scissors Knives & Tools

Stock up on the basic tools you need for crafting including scissors, knives, cutting mats, glue guns, punches and more.

Craft Supplies Scissors Knives & Tools

Scissors for Kids

Scissors for Kids
Scissors suitable for little hands, including basic and precision craft.

Scissors for Adults
Scissors suitable for a range of crafts, including fabric & micro.

Alphabet Stencils
Stencils for a variety of fonts and sizes.

Glue Guns
Hot and cool melt glue guns for craft projects.

For precision papercutting crafts, only a knife will do.


Paintbrushes, stencil brushes & paste brushes for art projects.

Paper punches for crafts - shapes and simple hand punches too.

Quilling Tools
Boards, rulers and other tools for quillers of all abilities.

Ribbon Shredders
Add impact to your ribbons with a curler or shredder.

Stencils for Adults
Plastic stencils for adults to use with paints, chalks and other mediums.

Other Tools
Craft tools that don't quite fit in our other categories!