Craft Supplies Stationery

Activity Books
Great for rainy days and party bags.

Great to play and wash away again. Use indoors or out.


Crayola brand pens, pencils and crayons.

Felt Tip Pens

Felt Tip Pens
Lots of different size packs for all sorts of activities.

Gel Pens
A favourite for all kinds of crafts, including cardmaking.

Pencil Cases
Keep your supplies neat and tidy in our of our pencil cases.

Pencil Crayons

Pencil Crayons
Coloured pencils, great for crafts & schoolwork, big packs available.

Pencil Sharpeners
Look after your pencils with one of our sharpeners.

Pencils - Black Lead
For writing and simple sketching, use black lead pencils.

Pens for Adults
Pens best suited to adult crafts.

For measuring and straight line drawing.

Stationery Sets
An easy way to top up your stationery supplies.

Stencils for Kids
A great range of stencils especially suited to kids crafts.

Wax Crayons
Classic wax crayons, bigger crayons for little hands & bulk packs.