Wood Boxes & Shapes

Craft Supplies Wood Boxes & Shapes

Balls & Spheres
Ideal for home decor & doll heads

Beads & Heads
Wooden beads of all shapes and sizes, a craft staple.

Bird Houses
Cute bird houses are very fashionable and are great home decor.

Crates, chests & wine boxes, ready to decorate.

Natural wooden buttons, beautiful as they are or painted.

Childrens Toys
Traditional toys and modern takes, all make lovely gifts.

A huge range of wooden shapes & bases for Christmas crafts.

Cones & Bodies
Blank body shapes for craft projects.

Crates & Fruit Boxes
Crates make a beautiful base for a gift hamper.

Wooden cross shapes for the base of Christian crafts.

Dowels & Sticks
Another essential for sweet trees, puppet making & many other crafts.


Wooden shapes ideal for Easter crafts.

Decorate your own frame for a really personal gift.

Glues & Varnishes for Wood
Glues that are great for wood.

Wooden shapes perfect for Halloween crafts.

Jewellery Boxes
Wooden jewellery boxes are great for kids and adults crafts alike.

Key Holders
Keep your keys safe with a key holder that you can decorate yourself.

Letters & Numbers
Shapes, beads & advent wooden characters.

Lolly Sticks
A great base for a whole host of crafts.

Natural and coloured, great for kids collages and crafts.

MDF Shapes
A wide range of shapes, perfect for kids crafting.

Wood framed mirrors ready to decorate in a wide range of mediums.

Mobile Making
Components and kits for mobile making crafts.

Money Boxes
Kids will just love decorating their money box to save their pocket money!

Natural Wood Pieces

Pieces of natural wood for floristry and other craft projects.

Paint for Wood
A fantastic, quick-drying medium for most crafts.

Pegs & Stands
Natural, coloured and patterned, great for peg dolls & other crafts.

Pencil Pots & Boxes
Keep you desk tidy with our stationery storers.

Kids will love making a name plate for their room with our plaques.

Shapes to decorate or use as templates.

Looking for something really unusual? Check our Something Different category.

Egg and spoon race or spoon puppets? You decide!

Topper Sticks
Lolly sticks topped with a figure, great for simple puppet shows.

Lovely to decorate and use around the home, or garden!

Treasure Chests
Great for pirate crafts or as a jewelly box, we have a great range!