Create Your Own Glass Planet Bauble

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Create Your Own Glass Planet Bauble

Kids will enjoy creating their own glass ornamental planets using our glass baubles. Glass bauble plants look great hanging from nylon thread but remember to secure them well to avoid any accidents, we recommend using a bauble table top stand perfect to display their creation.

This idea will need adult help and supervision but the kids can make all the important design choices!

We used 70mm glass baubles but other sizes are available, you can create a whole solar system if you like!

See our How To tab for instructions.

  1. Carefully remove the bauble hanger and cap.
  2. Using a long handled paint brush coat the inside of the bauble using special glass glue, this provides a base coat for the acrylic paint.
  3. Leave to dry.
  4. Choose your planet colours. Carefully add colour through the bauble opening, drip different colours along the insides.
  5. Now gently turn your bauble, twisting it around so the spread over the inner surface. Be careful not to shake it, you want the individual  colours to show but the paint will also mix in places making a great planet surface effect.
  6. Now leave the paint to dry, if possible keep the bauble upright in a sunny or warm spot, as the drying can take a long time. You will find that any excess paint will pool in the bottom. If you leave your bauble to dry for a few hours so the inside surface paint adheres, you can then gently roll the excess around the inside of your bauble again to spread it thinner and aid the drying process. 
  7. Once the paint is dry you can replace the hook and cap ready for hanging.