Daisy Napkin Decopatch Piggy Bank Craft Idea

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Daisy Napkin Decopatch Piggy Bank Craft Idea

Money boxes are a really adaptable craft base. They're perfect for kids as they can decorate them and then use them save up their pocket money for a holiday treat. They also make great gifts!

We love the traditional piggy bank shaped money boxes, of which we have both paper mache and cermaic versions. Ceramic is great for painting, whilst paper mache is better for decopatch.

This cute little piggy is made using a paper mache base and napkin technique (decopatch with napkins). We always recommend painting your shape with a coat of white acrylic paint to make sure the colour of the napkin or paper stays true. On this craft, we didn't paint it first and you can see the brown of the paper mache through the napkin!

A benefit of using napkins rather than decopatch paper, is that you can use any leftovers for your summer party or barbeque!

  1. First, paint your shape with a coat of white acrylic paint. Make sure the paint is dry before you start pasting the napkin on.
  2. Rip the napkin into pieces and paste them on, as you would with decopatch. When using a 3-ply napkin we tend to use two sheets, the one with the design and the white one below it.
  3. Gloss decopatch glue is the perfect way to give your project a shine. Matt glue will do the opposite.
  4. Once your pig has been covered and is dry, stick on any accessories. We used silicone glue to stick fabric daisies, a feather and googly eyes onto the pig.
  5. We made the eye lashes using a small rectangle of black paper which had been cut into a comb shape and stuck behind the eye.
  6. Finish your pig using some small self adhesive jewels.