Easy New Year & Hogmany Cracker Decoration Ideas

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Easy New Year & Hogmany Cracker Decoration Ideas

Our Make Your Own crackers kits are an ideal way to add a Bang! to any New Year celebration or party! Available in a variety of designs and colours, we used our coloured jumbo crackers, New Year and Celebrate! designs and gave them some extra crafty pizzazz with some ribbons, pull bows, bead garlands and jewels.

Hogmany Cracker

Probably the simplest cracker decoration you'll find is our Jumbo Make & Fill Your Own Cracker with a 50mm Ribbon Quick Pull Bow tied onto it! It looks great and takes minutes to assemble by crafters of all abilities. Add a little extra bling with a length of bead garland tied around each cracker end and even some self adhesive jewels.

New Year Firework Cracker

We added some 25cm lengths of 3mm ribbons to our Purple Foil New Year Fireworks Make & Fill Your Own Party Crackers, using a variety of colours to match in with the New Year firework theme. Multi-coloured self adhesive jewels were added as a finishing touch to the cracker handles and a length of pink 10mm ribbon was attached too, using double sided tape.

Celebrate! Cracker

Using Gold Foil Celebrate! Champagne Make & Fill Your Own Party Crackers we tied on some big bold gold ribbon bows and self adhesive gold jewels for an extra special sparkle. Perfect for any New Year celebration!

Why not take a look at our full cracker range and find your ideal match for all your parties and celebrations!

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