Enchanted Rose Craft

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Enchanted Rose Craft

Inspired by the Enchanted Rose featured in Beauty and the Beast, our designer has created this stunning rose craft idea.

Perfect for themed parties, as a special gift or as an ornament in a kids bedroom, this craft is a delight.

The Enchanted Rose is encased in a plastic snowglobe, just don't add water! The rose is crafted from tissue paper with a pipecleaner stem and tissue paper leaves.

This craft is suitable for kids of all ages but younger kids will require adult help.

This craft can be easily adapted by adults, adding floristry crepe paper roses or fabric flowers, and used as a wedding favour, table decorations or place name holder.

See our How To tab and use the pictures as a guide to craft your own Enchanted Rose.

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  1. Cut 4 x circles from pink tissue paper. We drew around the snowglobe base to create 7cm diameter circles.
  2. Layer the circles and fold them all in half, then holding at the centre, draw the outside edge together (use the picture as a guide).
  3. Cut a standard green pipecleaner in half. Wrap tightly around the tissue paper flower base to create a stem.
  4. Cut 4 x small leave shapes from green tissue paper.
  5. Take the other half of the green pipecleaner and stick on the 4 leaf shapes. Stick either side of each end of the pipecleaner. We used double sided tape, but a glue stick would also be suitable.
  6. Twist the leaf pipecleaner around the flower stem and bend slightly downwards, use the picture as a guide.
  7. Push the pipecleaner stem through the hole in the snow globe base. Measure how tall your flower can be to fit inside the snowglobe, ours stood approximately 7cm tall from the top of the globe base. Adjust how much pipecleaner is pushed through the hole as necessary. Remember to put the snow globe dome over your rose to ensure it fits before securing the stem.
  8. Secure the stem against the snow globe base using sticky tape. You could also use a cool melt glue gun.
  9. Decorate the base of the clear snow globe dome using glitter glue, once dry place over your rose.

You can secure the plastic dome using a glue gun or silicone glue, but we left ours unstuck.