Fairy Garden Birdhouse Crafts

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Fairy Garden Birdhouse Crafts

We adore our fabulous fairy birdhouse craft ideas, inspired by stories of fantastical garden sprites.

Adults and children will be delighted by these miniature homes designs.

Fairy birdhouses are a great way to use up leftover craft materials from your craft box, and can be as simple or detailed as you like.

We have created two different fairy garden bird box looks that can spark your imagination and inspire you to design your own.

This craft idea would be a great family crafting activity or a way to keep kids busy and engaged during school holidays.

These decorated birdhouses look stunning and can be adapted to suit any colour theme. Fairy garden themed bird boxes are great for a summer party, gifts or as an unusual ornament.

They are designed for indoor display, however they could be used in the garden as long as the sun is shining, but make sure you bring them inside before any rain!

Take a look at the How To tab or use the photos as inspiration, and create your own Fairy Garden bird boxes.

Display your fairy inspired birdhouses together or pick your favourite design get creating!

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We used : Single Paper Mache Heart Birdhouse or Bord ox Ornament and a 10cm Wooden Birdhouse or Bird Box for Crafts


  1. Use white acrylic paint to applya a base coat to your wooden or paper mache birdhouse. Leave to dry.
  2. Apply colour to the bird house using acrylic paint. You may need more than one coat but always leave to dry between applications. Pick colours that suit your theme and complement your embellishments.

Traditional Fairy Garden house:

  1. When dry arrange the moss, wooden shapes, small birds, etc on the birdhouse. Once happy with their positioning use a glue gun or silicone glue to attach.
  2. We made a small fairy door with mini lolly sticks and a bead as a door knob. We then added moss to the roof and two small bird embellishements. These perfect small wooden flowers added an extra splash of colour too!
Paper flowers and stickers:
Take a look at our Luxury Paper Flowers page for inspiration, hints and tips.
  1. Once dry, arrange the paper flowers, stickers on the birdhouse. When happy with their positioning stick on the stickers and glue the flowers onto the birdhouse surface. We added a little moss around the base too.

Choose where to display your Fairy Garden birdhouse and enjoy!