How to Make Mosaic Boxes

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How to Make Mosaic Boxes

The card mosaic shapes are available in different designs and are really versatile for many children's craft activities.

You could use them for a wide and varied range of children's themed craft sessions, perhaps using them as a base for an under the sea decorated box and then adding some sea life sticker shapes over the top.

Why not add some of our foam mosaic shapes and foil mosaic shapes, perhaps finishing with some glitter glue? All of these are available in our children's craft shop.

You could also use pieces of various coloured decopatch paper and decopatch the box for a similar effect. It would look great!

  1. Cover your work surfaces with newspaper or a table cover.
  2. Paint the box using an acrylic paint, you could do a checked design with different colours.
  3. Allow time for the box to dry.
  4. Decorate with mosaic shapes - a good strong tacky glue works well. You could also use decopatch papers of various colours for a similar effect!
  5. Embellish further, as desired. Simple but effective!
  6. You could also use mosaics on a paper plate based children's craft activity, again using paint as the base. However, the mosaic shapes would also work well on kids collages, door hangers, bookmarks, cards and many other children's craft projects.
Paper mache boxes Acrylic paint Paint brushes Mosaic card shapes PVA glue - tacky glue works well