Imaginative Paper Mache Egg Craft Ideas

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Imaginative Paper Mache Egg Craft Ideas

It's amazing what you can do with one paper mache egg design. We gave our staff members the same paper mache egg and asked them to decorate it using whatever craft supplies they liked.

Take a look at the pictures to see what ideas they came up with when presented with the same paper mache egg: Large open fronted paper mache egg

- Some opted for a more traditional Easter approach and created chick and bunny themed crafts, whereas others went with cute monsters.
- Two designs were based around the Steampunk genre and would make great gifts or ornaments.
- A vibrant red racing car was created by adding some card shapes and polystyrene balls painted in acrylic paint.
- Day of the Dead was celebrated with an elaborate permanent marker design drawn onto the egg, which had a base coat of white acrylic paint. Jewels were then added for a final touch.
- Three humorous designs, that definitely thought outside the box, were a 'baked potato' egg, 'Cadbury's Creme egg' egg and the other looked suspiciously like a memeber of staff...!

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