Jingle Bells

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Jingle Bells

The combination of ribbons and jingle bells is always popular in children's Christmas craft activities. Of course, bells are most often used to make rattlers for nativity plays and Christmas carolling, as well as being fixed to Christmas hats.

However, bells and ribbons can also be decorated to make pretty and abstract Christmas decorations - just add some tinsel pipecleaners, sequin waste and the contents of your craft box! They can be as simple or as complex as the crafters ability and attention span will allow!

Take a look at the ‘How to Make It’ tab for some inspiration.

  1. Ribbons are also terrific for slightly older kids to decorate tambourines and rattlers - they can become a real work of art and make lovely Christmas decorations, perhaps left on a hall table for everyone to jingle as they walk past.....
  2. All of our bells have threading holes for ribbons and cords or for sewing onto hats etc. A word of warning though, many of our bells have small balls within them. Therefore, as with everything on our site, these are unsuitable for children under three years of age.
  3. You could add them to crackers, for an unusual but beautiful look.
  4. Add bells to handmade jewellery for a bit of extra glitter.
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