Kids Beach Notebook Craft Idea

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Kids Beach Notebook Craft Idea

Kids will be delighted by these colourful beach notebooks, the perfect place for them to write about their summer adventures and to keep their holiday photos and memories.

Kids always come home from a day at the beach with shells, pebbles, feathers and more! They can use their beach discoveries as notebook decorations and stick on any shells, driftwood or pebbles using a glue gun or silicone glue.

Decorating a paper mache notebook is an ideal way to use up all those odd crafting bits and pieces, like pom poms and pipecleaners.

Decopatch the outside of your notebook with tissue paper. Remember to apply a basecoat of white acrylic paint and leave it to dry, then tear tissue paper up and apply to the front and back of the notebook using decopatch glue or PVA.

Paint the front and back of a notebook in bright acrylic colours and when dry use stampers to add a design! Add some glitter, shells and buttons to add a little detail to the stamped design.

You could also make it a mess-free craft activity! All you will need is a range of coloured paper or card, scissors and double sided tape or glue dots. Create sunny beach scenes by cutting card or paper shapes and sticking them to the notebook front and back. Check out our sticker range, ideal for this decoration idea.

Add a piece of ribbon or string by tying it to the spine or around the cover to create a colourful bookmark. Finish it off with a silver coloured starfish charm, a shell collected from the beach or a wooden seaside embellishment.

Use a paper mache notebook with an aperture, you can add a fond beach memory after decoration, Just stick onto the back of the front cover using glue dots or double sided tape.

This is a great idea for rainy days during school holidays, or even as a themed party activity for kids to make and take home as an alternative to party bags.

Take a look at the photos for inspiration and let the kids imaginations go wild!

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