King & Queen of Hearts Kids Crown Craft Idea

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King & Queen of Hearts Kids Crown Craft Idea

Keep the kids creative with our King & Queen of hearts crown craft ideas.

Our crowns are  simple to make, great for all ages and encourage kids to use their imaginations as well as hand coordination skills.

This is the ideal craft for a birthday party or in the classroom, and the perfect way to keep little hands busy on a rainy holiday or weekend.

We also designed a Royal Heart Sceptre for the kids to make and enjoy with their King or Queen of Hearts crowns.

This craft is also fabulous for a Valentine’s Day kids party or group activity.

See the How To tab for crafting instructions for all our kids King & Queen of Hearts ideas.

The kids will enjoy proudly wearing their King or Queen of Hearts crowns and carrying their royal heart sceptres!

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  1. Measure how much card bordette you will need to fit your King or Queen’s head and cut. We used a 60cm length, allowing for a 5cm overlap to secure the crown after decorating. Alternatively use a card crown blank, we used a half head crown with elastic, but there are many others to choose from here: Crown Card Blanks

  2. Use glitter foam sheets or card to cut out hearts in different colours and sizes, maybe add some self adhesive jewels or stickers too. Let the kids imaginations go wild!

  3. Craft foam or card shapes can be easily secured using PVA glue but remember to let it dry before they wear their new crown!

  4. Older children can use glue dots or double sided tape but younger children may them too fiddly for little fingers.

  5. Once they are happy with their decoration, let any glue dry and then secure the bordette roll into a crown by overlapping the ends at the back, secure using tape or a staple. They may need help from a grown up to do this. If they have used a card half head crown blank, tie the elastic to the holes at each side of the crown making sure that it isn’t too loose, or tight, for the child’s head.

Royal Heart Sceptre:

  1. To create a royal sceptre take a 30cm wooden dowel and paint it using kids acrylic paint. We used red but they may like a metallic gold or silver.

  2. While the paint is drying cut out 2 identical large hearts using glittered craft foam sheets.

  3. Check the paint is dry and then place one heart under the end of the stick so the stick’s end is about halfway down the height of the heart.

  4. Using PVA glue or double sided tape, glue the second heart on top on the first, over the stick, making a stick sandwich! Press together until secure, you may have to hold it for a minute or two!

  5. You can leave your royal heart sceptre like this or add stickers, jewels or more hearts.