Make a Buzzy Bee Flower Pot

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Make a Buzzy Bee Flower Pot

Are you looking for a spring or summer themed craft idea for kids? If so, you can keep the kids busy with this great craft idea to make a super buzzy bee paper mache flower pot.

It's a perfect kids craft idea for home craft sessions but also for children's group and party crafts too.

You could adapt this idea to make a ladybird, a spider or even a butterfly.

They would also make lovely gifts for Mother's Day, although perhaps not the spider?!

Perhaps you could make them as pretty spring bugs to add mini chocolate eggs to or a Christmas reindeer with festive treats?

  1. For younger kids it is probably best for an adult to draw two lines around the paper mache pot, older kids will be able to do this themselves.
  2. First paint the yellow lines around the pot and leave to dry.
  3. Then paint the black lines around the middle and top of the pot, being careful not to overlap the yellow.
  4. Whilst the black paint is drying, bend the pipe cleaners to make the antennae and glue to the back of the 35mm pom pom.
  5. Stick two googly eyes and a mini black pom pom nose to create the Buzzy bee's face.
  6. Glue the face to the flower pot.
  7. And there you have it, a Buzzy Bee Flower Pot made by your own little honey bees!
  8. You could add a small piece of red felt or red foam for the mouth for an extra little smile....
75mm Paper Mache Flower Pot 35mm Black Pom Pom 7mm Black Pom Pom 10mm Googly Eyes Black Pipe Cleaner Yellow and Black Acrylic Paint Tacky Glue - this is the best glue for all kids pom pom crafts Paint Brushes