Paper Mache for Crafts

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Paper Mache for Crafts

Papier mache can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including boxes, houses, masks, baubles and much more. Paper mache projects make ideal home decorations and memorable gifts for loved ones.

Craft ideas using papiermache can be created by adults or children, and can be adapted to suit all ages and abilities.

Once you have chosen your paper mache shape it can be decorated in a variety of ways to create something unique.

When creating a paper mache craft project you may need the following equipment:

  1. PVA glue
  2. Paints
  3. Brushes
  4. Decuopage paper
  5. Decoupage glue
  6. Some optional extras could be:  Pipecleaners, Glitter, Ribbon, Tissue paper, Varnish, Beads, Wooden shapes, Pom-poms...

Our Top Tips:

  1. However you decide to decorate your chosen paper mache shape we would recommend that you seal your papiermache item before starting. Make a mixture of PVA glue and water in a 50:50 ratio and apply to the surface of the paper mache using a paint brush. Once dry, your paper mache shape is prepped and ready for decoration.
  2. Many different paints can be used on paper mache but water based acrylic and poster paints give the best results.
  3. Once dry your painted paper mache can be easily varnished for a gloss finish and any extras added to complete your projects look.

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