Kids Crafts Activities

Crafty Bugs
Our signature craft goes spooky with our Halloween bugs.


Our range of doorhanger crafts, with a Halloween theme.

Makes 1
Kids Halloween craft kits for one.

Makes 2-5
Pack sizes perfect for at home Halloween kid crafters.

Makes 6
Halloween ideas and supplies for small groups or parties.

Makes 7-12
Halloween kits and supplies for medium sized groups.

Makes 13-99

Makes 13-99
Kids Halloween craft supplies & kits for medium to large groups.

Makes 100

Makes 100
Halloween themed craft supplies for extra large groups & schools.

Mask Making

Mask Making
Scare your friends & neighbours with a spooky mask this Halloween!

Rocker Crafts
Rocker bugs on a Halloween theme.

Wobbler Craft Kits!
A fun kids craft for Halloween.