Sunflower Decopatch Birdhouse or Bird Box Craft Idea

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Sunflower Decopatch Birdhouse or Bird Box Craft Idea

Bird house and birdbox crafts are fun for all ages and are a brilliant way to brighten up your home or garden this summer. There are a few different materials to choose from and a lot more ways to decorate them!

Wooden boxes are ideal if you want your finished product to go outside, whereas paper mache is better for making indoor decorations. If the project is going outside, make sure you seal it first. We sell a waterproof decopatch glue that's ideal.

These cute summery sunflower birdboxes have a wooden base and have been decopatched using a napkin technique. We love napkins and favour them over decopatch paper. You get a greater choice of designs and colours and napkin will rip less easily than paper when you are painting the glue on.

Fancy giving it a go? Check out our bird themed adult's craft area, 'The Bird Box', to get started. If you're crafting with little ones, there are some fun bird themed crafts for them too!

  1. First, paint your birdhouse. We recommend that you paint a white paint on the area that you plan to decopatch. This makes sure that the colour of the napkin or paper stays true.
  2. TOP TIP: Most of our bird houses have a rope or ribbon for hanging. To keep this out the way whilst painting and decopatching, we stuck a thin dowel (you could use a kebab stick with the points cut off) into the hole in the top of the birdbox and thread the rope hook over it. As you can see in the picture, it kept it out of the way. Just be careful of your eyes!
  3. Once your paint has dried, you can begin to stick your napkin onto your birdhouse. Do this in exactly the same way that you would use normal decopatch papers. We used 3-ply napkins and took off the bottom white layer, leaving just one white layer and the patterned layer. For more information, take a look at our How to Use Napkins for Decoupage page for guidance.
  4. If you want a glossy finish to your indoor decoration, you could use gloss decopatch glue.
  5. Once the napkin has dried, you can add any embellishements. We used some fabric sunflowers which we stuck on with silicone glue. Our sunflowers were cut from the wire stem, just behind the head of the flower. You could also use fabric sunflower heads.
  6. We'd recommend using the bird houses as home decor rather than an actual birdhouse. If you are going to use your birdhouse outside, make sure your embellishments are suitable and that you use a waterproofer.