A Suitcase Of Molecules: Kids Science Craft Idea


This futuristic suitcase is perfect for keeping home crafted molecules, a brilliant idea for budding scientists and suitable for kids of all ages, although younger kids may require adult assistance. We took inspiration from the molecules for oxygen, water and carbon dioxide, see if your kids can spot them in our photos.

This craft encourages research and can be used as an educational tool, introducing younger children into the world of molecules and science, and providing a revision tool for those older kids already studying science.

Shopping List
How to Make It
  1. Paint the paper mache suitcase with a base coat of white acrylic paint and leave to dry.
  2. Next paint over the white base coat in metallic silver acrylic paint, once more leave to dry.
  3. Use black paint to add any detail to the outside of your now metallic suitcase.
  4. Look up molecule patterns and decide which you would like to include in your suitcase, or make up a few of your own!
  5. Using white pipe cleaners, cut to the length needed, and 10/12mm wooden coloured beads, create your molecules, you can bend the ends of the pipe cleaners over to prevent the beads from coming off.
  6. Put your molecules inside of your suitcase and you've finished!


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