About the littlecraftybugs company

Who we are

Crafty Capers Ltd (the parent of ‘the littlecraftybugs company’) started life in the early 2000’s as a small family business running craft based kids parties and holiday clubs for local school children. It was an idea born from the lack of such activities available for our own children at the time. As interest in our unique craft ideas grew, our first website was ‘born’ in 2004 and after much deliberation the website was named ‘littlecraftybugs’, latterly becoming ‘the littlecraftybugs company’. Several website upgrades and warehouse moves later, the business has expanded to become the popular craft and party site you are browsing today.

Nearly 20 years on from when we first 'opened our doors' as littlecraftybugs, the business is still family run and led by the same people that opened that first glue stick all those years ago! We take great pride in the hard working and dedicated team we have here at the littlecraftybugs company, based in beautiful Poole in Dorset. We are committed to finding unique and creative products to inspire the crafting community of all ages and abilities, whilst providing excellent customer service and delivery standards.

Through this website "the littlecraftybugs company" offers an extensive range of craft and party supplies for both adults and kids.  We like to pride ourselves on finding those funky and alternative craft and party items that you won't find elsewhere. Rather than following trends we aim to inspire you to start your own! Many of our products are made exclusively for us and many others we import as the sole distributor in the UK.

What We Do

Kids Craft Supplies and Party Themes

The main stay of Crafty Capers Ltd has been to offer kids craft supplies, kits and party goods based on various themes. Our kids craft kits are perfect for group craft activities and craft parties, including our namesake pom pom crafty bug kits. We cater for a wide variety of themes from the most popular themes, such as unicorns, pirates and princesses, to other kids’ favourites such as building bricks, horses, space and butterflies.

Bulk Craft Supplies

We have established a massive range of bulk craft supplies, from adhesives to wooden items and everything in between.  If you want to bulk buy pom poms, pipecleaners, paper mache or polystyrene then you know where we are!

Seasonal Crafts

We LOVE Christmas at ‘the littlecraftybugs company’ and have built up an extensive range of Christmas crafts, room decorations, wreaths, advent crafts and so much more. We also have a huge range of bespoke DIY crackers which is probably the largest you will find in the UK. 

Easter is another favourite time of year and our bumper range of Easter egg hunt supplies is second to none.

Party Supplies

We also offer a great range of party supplies, full of bright and exciting things kids will love at parties and craft parties from the tableware to the party bag fillers and more.

Bespoke Crafts

If you are looking for bespoke crafts for group activities and corporate events please contact us.  We can cater for most requirements in our design and packing processes.

Catch the crafty bug...

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