Paper Mache Boxes

Paper Mache & Decopatch Paper Mache Boxes

All Boxes
Our full paper mache box range in one place.

Book Style Boxes
Paper mache book shaped boxes, something different!

Paper Mache Chests
Perfect for pirate treasure chests or jewellery boxes.

Heart Shaped Boxes
Heart shaped paper mache boxes to decorate.

Hexagonal Boxes
Hexagon shaped paper mache boxes, great as jewels!

Oval Shaped Boxes
Oval shaped paper mache boxes for decoration.

Rectangle Boxes
Rectangular paper mache boxes of all shapes and sizes.

Relief & Embossed Boxes
Paper mache boxes with a relief or embossed design.

Round Boxes
Our selection of round paper mache boxes.

Square Boxes
Square paper mache boxes for crafts, great variety.

Stacking & Nesting
Stacking and nesting paper mache boxes to decorate.

White Boxes
White board boxes to decorate, great for colouring in!