Space Alien Photo Frame Bauble Craft Idea for Kids and Adults

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Space Alien Photo Frame Bauble Craft Idea for Kids and Adults

This space alien photo frame bauble craft for Father's Day is a great craft for kids and adults to make together. Kids can use their imagination to create fun monstrous aliens with a personal touch. We used a single 180mm teardrop plastic bauble with a front opening and amethyst acrylic paint to create our alien. When completed the alien bauble can be hung up using nylon thread.

This alien photo frame will look great with our other Out of This World craft ideas for Father's Day and become a cherished gift for a lifetime.

This  fun craft does require the use of silicone glue and acrylic paints and we would recommend using aprons and tablecovers, also dressing the kids in older clothes that will not get ruined may be a good idea too!

We recommend that this kids craft is supervised and aided by an adult due to the use of glue and the complexity of some of the methods.

  1. Cut a piece of craft foam slightly larger than the teardrop bauble front opening. Apply silicone glue to the foam edges and glue to the inside of the front opening. This can be a little tricky and will require adult help.
  2. Paint the bauble using white acrylic paint as a base coat . When dry paint your teardrop bauble alien a bright colour, we used Amethyst acrylic paint. You may need more than one coat of paint for an even finish.
  3. Cut tentacle shapes from the white craft foam. Paint them to match your alien theme and when dry, glue to the bottom of the bauble, we used silicone glue.
  4. You can add detail to the alien using acrylic paint and permanent black marker.

Choose a great photo and cut it slightly bigger than the bauble opening, gently ease your photo into the front and now you have your own personalised alien! Make as many as you want and hang together using nylon thread for a family space alien adventure!