Basic White Make & Fill Your Own DIY Recyclable Christmas Cracker Kits & Boards

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Basic white cracker boards and cracker making kits for DIY cracker making crafts.

Make your own crackers for every occasion - not just for Christmas!

Available in two cracker sizes: standard and jumbo.

The kits to make one or eight crackers include snappy strips, jokes and quality paper hats.

The twelve and one hundred packs are supplied as the cracker boards only and do not include snappy strips, these are available separately.

Accessory packs include snappy strips, jokes and quality paper hats. They are suitable for both standard and jumbo sized crackers.

Hats in will be supplied from the colours shown, this will either be all one colour in a pack or a blend of those shown. This is chosen at random on dispatch and cannot be pre-selected, sorry.

These are tie-shut crackers and will need to be tied closed with a string or ribbon from your own craft box. Pipecleaners also work well.

The crackers are ready cut and include tabs for easy and secure closure. These boards are exclusive to us and are made from matt 200gsm card.

When flat and before assembly, our standard crackers measure 35.8cm long and 18.7cm wide. Our jumbo crackers measure 43.8cm long and 21.6cm wide when flat.

When assembled, our standard crackers measure approximately 30cm long overall (as they get shorter when assembled) with a 9.5cm long central barrel (11.5cm into the centre of the twist before the handle) and are 5.8cm wide. They are the size most people would expect a cracker to be.

When assembled, our jumbo crackers measure approximately 37cm long overall (as they get shorter when assembled) with a 13.5cm long central barrel (16.5cm into the centre of the twist before the handle) and are 6.8cm wide. These are bigger than you would expect a cracker to be, meaning you can fit a bigger gift inside!

All of our non-foil crackers, together with all of our hats, jokes and snaps are fully recyclable.

Shop our range of cracker fillers to find a unique gift for your handmade crackers.

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