Bauble Decoupage Craft

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Bauble Decoupage Craft

Decopatch or decoupage baubles are a bright and unique way of customising your Christmas decorations to fit in with your colour scheme or theme.

This craft idea is accessible to anyone and can be used on glass, plastic, polystyrene or paper mache baubles with a smooth flat surface, Be inspired and create your own with our easy How To guide and step by step photos.

Baubles aren't just for Christmas, use colours that compliment your home decor to create unusual and stunning decorations in any room.

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These measurements are based on a 60mm bauble, if you are using larger or smaller baubles measure the diameter to determine the length of paper needed, and the height (centre top around the curve to centre bottom) to find the height needed. Always cut the paper slightly bigger, you can always cut any excess away.

  1. Cut a piece of decoupage paper measuring approx. 19.5 x 10 cm. Cut 3 cm long notches at the top and the bottom along the width of the paper. (NB: Nothches are made for the paper to be attached evenly around the bauble.
  2. Cut away the tip of the points along the width that you want attached nearest the collar of the bauble.
  3. Apply decoupage glue with a brush around the bauble (like a waist band) and attach the paper.
  4. Apply decoupage glue to the rest of the bauble at the top. Use the brush to bend the paper points evenly close to the collar of the bauble.
  5. Repeat at the opposite end and leave the bauble to dry.
  6. Apply a coat of decoupage glue all over the bauble and leave it to dry.