Beads and Buttons Mask Ideas

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Beads and Buttons Mask Ideas

We created two monochrome masks and added beads and buttons for an unusual twist. After decopatching the paper mache masks we added some floristry crepe roses, tulle net, feathers, buttons and beads to create two distinctive looks. This idea is suitable for an experienced crafter who wants to add something a little different, see our How To for instructions.

Flower and Button mask:

  1. Decopatch the mask with your choice of decopatch paper. See our handy guide How to Decopatch for instructions.
  2. For the floristry crepe flowers we used black and white crepe for the petals and the small rose stencil, following the stencil instructions. You may like to check out our Hints and Tips on making flowers here
  3. Once made we attached them using a cool melt glue gun to the back of the mask  on one side only.
  4. Glue buttons in an eyecatching pattern together, when dry attach them to the front of your mask, on the opposite side to the flowers.
  5. Add some small pieces of tulle net, approximately 10cm x 15cm, to the flowers at the back of the mask, gathering the bottom edge as you glue.
  6. Finally add another 10cm x 15cm piece of tulle to the front of the mask, pinching it in the middle and gluing, leaving the ends free. Glue a button in the middle of the tulle and it's finished.

Feather and Bead Mask:

  1. As above.
  2. Glue feathers to the back of the mask on one side, we used white marabou and monochrome craft feathers.
  3. Cut three lengths of 1cm satin ribbon, 1 x 12cm, 1 x 15cm and 1 x 18cm. Tie a knot at the end of each. Thread 4 wooden beads onto each ribbon, we used 14mm black and white beads for the longest ribbon, 12mm black and white beads for the middle ribbon and 10mm black and white beads for the shortest ribbon.
  4. Glue the ribbons to the back of the mask , so the beads hang alongside the mask stick.
  5. Take a 30cm length of 25mm ribbon, fold in half and glue to the back of the mask.
  6. Using a 15cm length of black 150mm tulle, we pinched the tulle at its centre and attched a button with glue over the gather, to make a bow like embellishment.
  7. Finally we attached this tulle and button bow th the front of the mask.