Magical Matchbox Advent Craft Idea

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Magical Matchbox Advent Craft Idea

We've all heard the saying 'Good things come in small packages' at some point in our lives so we decided to make a matchbox advent where you can put this theory to the test!

Using rich opulent colours we created a theme that would compliment a luxurious Christmas theme that could be given as a gift each day of Advent, or re-used each year.

We also used more traditional Christmas colours as a contrast, to inspire you to experiment with your Christmas colour themes. 

Using 24 small matchboxes you can create many different styled advents, you could try one that stacks like presents, another suitable for hanging on the Christmas tree or even a strung advent that would look great hanging on a mantel.

This craft can be made by any level of crafter, the design created suited to your own ability. You can use traditional colours associated with the Christmas season or maybe create a unique look using your favourite palette and themes. See the How To tab for some of our ideas, hints and tips.

The next thing is to decide what to put in these small crafted advent parcels?

We came up with a few ideas:

  • Small items of jewellery, a ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings or brooch.
  • Pot pourri.
  • A teabag, herbal or English breakfast tea, whatever the recipients favourite brew.
  • Perfume/cologne samples, usually available in most large stores with a fragrance department.
  • Crystals or semi-precious stones with an explanation of their meaning, for example, rose quartz is associated with love, energy and happiness.
  • Spice sachet for mulled wine, perfect for the season.
  • A memory card with photographs saved on it, a wonderful gift.
  • Cufflinks.
  • Golf tees.
  • A fishing fly
  • A key to another gift.
  • Stickers, badges or balloons are good for kids, young and old!
  • Chocolate.
  1. We used small plain white matchboxes, but you may like to mix it up by adding large matchboxes or even triangular ones!
  2. Although we have decorated our matchboxes for Advent, you could use them as gift boxes or party favour boxes.
  3. Decopatch or decoupage paper comes in a great variety of colours and prints, so we used them as a wrap for our matchbox, securing with double sided tape.
  4. We created peacock feathers from card and glitter card then stuck them on using foam pads for a 3D effect.
  5. We also covered the end of the matchbox drawer with a small piece of card using double sided tape, next punched a hole through it and thread ribbon through ready for hanging.
  6. We added many embellishment to our matchboxes, buttons, feathers, ribbons, jewels and glitter, but most importantly the Advent numbers. We used white paper number tags but you can use stickers or create your own. Check our Advent Calendar Crafts category for all our number tags.
  7. You can make your matchbox craft Advent as complicated or as simple as you like, you could even decorate them with children.
  8. We used double sided tape, foam pads and a small amount of tacky glue (for the jewels) when crafting our matchboxes.
  9. The small pieces of ribbon and embellishments may be things that you already have in your craft box, leftover from other projects, so this is a great way to clear out all those small bits and pieces whilst creating a unique reusable Advent craft.