How to Make our Rudolph Reindeer Cracker Kits

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How to Make our Rudolph Reindeer Cracker Kits

Purchased one of our popular and exclusive Rudolph cracker making kits? Need some help with assembly? Here's some hints and tips to help you out.

There are a variety of kits using the Rudolph design. Some have foam antlers and some have pipe cleaner antlers. Some also have wobbly eyes, pom pom noses and bells. They are designed to stand up but please note, putting heavy items inside will mean they may not stand up.

Here's a short step-by-step video, showing you how to make our cracker kits with wraps. This will take you to the stage of adding any extra eyes/noses/antlers/bells you may have.

Once you have reached this stage (you should have a rolled and tied cracker) go to the 'How To Make It Tab' to find out how to attach any additional pieces.

If your kit has foam antlers: Push the foam antlers out of their foam surround. Use a small piece of double sided tape on the bottom of each antler to stick them to the cracker. Remember that there is a left and a right antler, so it's best to do this one cracker at a time, so you don't end up with wonky antlers!

If your kit has pipe cleaner antlers: You have two pipe cleaners per cracker. Tie one pipe cleaner around the neck of the cracker so that you end up with two sticks of equal length on either side. This will make the 'stem' of the antler. Cut the other pipe cleaner into 4 equal parts and wind two pieces around each 'stem' to make the antler 'branches'.

If your kit has wobbly eyes and pom pom noses: Use double sided tape to stick the eyes and nose to the appropriate place on the reindeer face wrap. For the eyes, it's easier to stick the tape (or foam pads in this case) onto the back of the eyes and then stick them on. For the pom pom nose, add some tape to the reindeer face and push the pom pom onto this.

If your kit has jingle bells: Thread a jingle bell onto a length of ribbon (making sure the ribbon is equal lengths on either side of the bell). Tie a know above the bell. Approximately 5cm above this knot, make another knot and then tie the two loose ends around the neck of the cracker to attach it. You can then cut off any excess ribbon if required.