Pretty Paper Flower Bird Box Crafts

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Pretty Paper Flower Bird Box Crafts

Take a look at our pretty paper flower birdhouse craft idea, inspired by the vibrant colours of nature and the RHS Flower shows.

These decorated birdhouses look stunning and can be adapted to suit any colour theme. Flower decorated bird boxes are great for a summer party, gifts, party crafting session or as an unusual ornament.

They are designed for indoor display, however they could be used as garden party decorations as long as the sun is shining, but make sure you bring them inside before any rain!

Take a look at the How To tab or use the photos as inspiration, and create your own crepe paper flower bird boxes.

Display your flower inspired birdhouses together or pick your favourite design get creating!

Our Making Luxury Paper Flowers information pages are perfect for this craft idea, you will find hints and tips on paper flower making and how to use our crepe paper flower stencils. Ther are also many other craft ideas with flower themes to inspire you.

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We used : 12.3 cm Tall small wooden bird box with hinged roof & 17cm Wooden 2-part birdhouse

You can find a guide on how to make forget-me-not flowers here: Forget-Me-Not Flower Craft

  1. Use white acrylic paint to applya a base coat to your wooden or paper mache birdhouse. Leave to dry.
  2. Apply colour to the bird house using acrylic paint. You may need more than one coat but always leave to dry between applications. Pick colours that suit your theme and complement your paper flowers.
  3. When dry arrange the paper flowers on the birdhouse. Once happy with your flower positioning use a glue gun or silicone glue to attach your flowers.
  4. Choose where to display your pretty paper flower birdhouse and enjoy!