How to Make a Decomesh Wreath

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How to Make a Decomesh Wreath

Here's our quick step by step guide on how to create a decomesh wreath.

Decomesh wreaths look stunning & can be tailored to suit any occasion.

Made from durable poly decomesh your crafted wreath can be used year after year & easily updated with the latest trends by adding new baubles, tinsel, lights & more.

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Here's our decomesh wreath craft step by step guide, we've added pictures to make it easy to understand!

  1. Pick your decomesh. (Picture 1). For a 14" metal wreath form we used 1 Metallic Silver Decomesh 25cm roll & part of 1 Iridescent White Decomesh 6.3cm roll. You will also need matching pipecleaners, we used 14 standard grey pipecleaners, but you will need a few extra if you want to attach baubles/embellishments.
  2. Cut 14 standard pipecleaners in half to create 28 pipecleaner 'ties'. Attach 14 of them to the outer ring of the metal wreath form as illustrated in picture 2.
  3. You should now have something that looks like this! (Picture 3)
  4. Take the remaining 14 pipecleaners (Fig.4) & attach them to the metal wreath form as in picture 5.
  5. When all the pipecleaners are attached it will look like picture 6. For a close up, see picture 7.
  6. Open your 25cm decomesh roll and bunch the end together, attaching it to the outside ring of the metal wreath by twisting a pipecleaner around it (Picture 8).
  7. Measure approx. 10" or 25cm of decomesh away from the tied end.Bunch the decomesh together and attach to the metal wreath with the next pipecleaner. (Picture 9).
  8. Continue the same process around the outside of the metal wreath, back to where you started. (Pictures 10 to 13).
  9. Your decomesh wreath should now look like picture 14 & the back of your wreath like picture 15.
  10. Now it's time to repeat the measuring, bunching & attaching process on the inner ring of the metal wreath (Picture 16 & 17).
  11. When you have completely finished it will look like picture 18. All you need to do next is cut off any excess decomesh and tuck the end through the metal weath form to the back.
  12. At this point of your wreath craft you can choose to add ribbons, baubles, lights & much more. We added a 6.3cm iridescent white decomesh 'ribbon', using the existing pipecleaners to loop in back & forth between the inner & outer edges around the wreath, as in picture 19.
  13. To finish it off, we then added some ornamental baubles from 'The Shoe Shop' (Picture 20). We used a few more grey pipecleaners to attach them evenly around the wreath to create an elegant fun display.

Once finished we used a suction cup wreath hanger to place it on our front door!