Classic Time Travelling Father's Day Card

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Classic Time Travelling Father's Day Card

We created this unique Doctor Who inspired papercraft card for that special sci-fi Dad on Father's Day. Perfect for that Dad who would travel through time and space for you!

With the classic 1980's Doctor style, complete with eccentric celery boutonniere, this card would be cherished by any Time Lord fan. You could create a personalised card based on any other Doctor or character from this much loved TV series.

If you're planning to follow the exact design for this papercraft card, new crafters may find it somewhat challenging. Don't despair though, you can adapt this design to suit any crafting ability.

Did you know? The fifth Doctor wore a piece of celery on his lapel because he was allergic to a certain gas in the Praxis Range. Once the celery turned purple he would eat it and it would save him.

We used a red card blank and the following coloured card: Golden yellow, Christmas red, White, Lime green and Intensive green.

  1. Cut a blue card rectangle 12cm x 17cm and a yellow card rectangle 10.5cm x 15cm, and rounded the corners of each.
  2. Glue the blue rectangle to the red card blank in the centre.
  3. Using a red dye ink pad and a question mark stamp, stamp onto the yellow background. When dry glue this to the centre of the blue card.
  4. Using Peter Davidson's style of Doctor as inspiration, we made cut outs from card of his shirt and collar and glued them to the card using tacky glue.
  5. Cut some green leaves for the celery boutonniere and glue them to the collar.
  6. Next add a greeting to the top of your card in a classic Doctor Who style type. We drew ours out on yellow and blue card and carefully cut around them, adding silver gel pen highlights to the letters.
  7. Wait for all the glue to dry, add you greeting inside and you have a card perfect for your special Time Traveller.