An eye for detail in our huge range of wobbly eyes!
Choose from stick on, self adhesive and sew on eyes.
We have round, oval, glow in dark, assorted sized,
coloured, lashed googly eyes and safety eyes too.

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Buy wobbly google eyes online - all sizes, colours and shapes of googly eyes.

5mm  Googly Eyes

5mm Googly Eyes
Mini, tiny, little googly eyes for micro craft projects.

7mm Googly Eyes

7mm Googly Eyes
7mm wobbly eyes for craft projects - a very popular size stick on eye.

10mm Googly Eyes

10mm Googly Eyes
Best selling 10mm googly eyes for crafts - the most popular size.

12mm Googly Eyes

12mm Googly Eyes
Google eyes 12mm wide - a great newly released size.

15mm Googly Eyes

15mm Googly Eyes
15mm stick on wobbly eyes for craft projects.

18mm Googly Eyes
Stick on eyes for crafts - an unusual 18mm wide size.

20mm Googly Eyes

20mm Googly Eyes
Google eyes for crafts, 20mm wide for wobbly eye activities.

25mm Googly Eyes

25mm Googly Eyes
Buy larger 25mm wobbly stock on eyes for craft activities.

30mm Googly Eyes

30mm Googly Eyes
Large 30mm googly eyes for wobbly eye craft projects.

Giant Googly Eyes
Wobbly eyes bigger than you've ever seen before - really eye popping!

Mixed Sizes

Mixed Sizes
Mixed size packs of eyes, for more variety in your cafts.

Colour: Black & White
Traditional black and white eyes for craft activities.

Colour: Coloured
Craft eyes and googly eyes in a selection of funky colours.

Colour: Glow in the Dark
Glow-in-the-dark googly eyes for craft activities.

Pack Size: Bulk
Bulk buy googly eyes for big wobbly eyes craft projects.

Pack Size: Medium
Packs of craft & wobbly eyes for small groups and medium size projects.

Pack Size: Small
Small packs of google eyes for home craft projects - no wastage....

Shape: Oval
Oval craft eyes and googly eyes - something a bit different.

Shape: Round
Classic round googly and craft eyes for a wide range of crafts.

Type: Paste On
Googly eyes and craft eyes to glue onto your craft projects.

Type: Self Adhesive

Type: Self Adhesive
Peel and stick googly eyes, for no glue and mess free crafting - perfect!

Type: Sew On
Sew-on googly eyes for fabrics and other craft activities.

Type: Stickers
Sticker eyes, ideal for paper and card crafts.

Type: Iron On
Iron on eyes for fabric craft projects.

They say the eyes have it! Well, we at littlecraftybugs have an eye for every detail within our huge range of self adhesive, stick on and sew on wobbly eyes. We have round eyes, oval eyes, glow in the dark eyes, assorted sized eyes, coloured eyes, lashed eyes, safety eyes...and many more besides.