Scissors Knives & Tools

Stock up on the basic tools you need for crafting including scissors, knives, cutting mats, glue guns, punches and more.

Craft Supplies Scissors Knives & Tools

Scissors for Kids

Scissors for Kids
Scissors suitable for little hands, including basic and precision craft.

Scissors for Adults
Scissors suitable for a range of crafts, including fabric & micro.

Alphabet Stencils
Stencils for a variety of fonts and sizes.

Cutting Mats
Protect your surfaces with our cutting mats, for use with all craft blades.

Glue Guns
Hot and cool melt glue guns for craft projects.

For precision papercutting crafts, only a knife will do.


Paintbrushes, stencil brushes & paste brushes for art projects.

Paper punches for crafts - shapes and simple hand punches too.

Quilling Tools
Boards, rulers and other tools for quillers of all abilities.

Ribbon Shredders
Add impact to your ribbons with a curler or shredder.

Stencils for Adults
Plastic stencils for adults to use with paints, chalks and other mediums.

Other Tools
Craft tools that don't quite fit in our other categories!