Crafty Advent Baubles Idea

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Crafty Advent Baubles Idea

Plastic fillable baubles can be decorated in a multitude of different ways and used for many occasions. We have created a unique Advent bauble idea using metallic foils and bright colours to add some extra spice to your holiday decor. 

Fill your baubles with small gifts or sweets to enjoy each day.

This craft idea can be adapted to suit your theme or colour palette, and suitable for all levels of crafters. We used many embellishments, for example, ribbons for hanging,  Advent number stickers, beads, glitter, metallic leaf etc. but you could use this as an opportunity to use up odd crafting supplies in your craft box.

Different techniques, for example metallic leaf application, were used and you can find useful hints and tips we discovered along the way using metallic leaf on the How To tab or our 'How To, Hints and Tips for Crafts' page.

We discovered the following hints and tips when decorating our Advent plastic baubles with metallic leaf:

  1. When using application milk on plastic baubles apply a thin layer, as plastic is a resistant surface the application milk will 'split' leaving some areas uncovered. To even out the application milk and aplly full coverage over the bauble surface, you need to wait one minute and then rebrush the surface again, using a small amount of extra application milk if necessary. This will ensure that when you apply the metallic leaf it will cover the whole desired area.
  2. Be patient! Wait the full recommended 15 minutes after the last application milk is applied before adding your metallic leaf. Wait a further minute after the foil is applied before removing any excess.
  3. You can use an old paint brush or a decopatch glue brush to apply the application milk.
  4. When using the polishing cloth to remove excess metallic leaf rub gently, apply a little more pressure to any 'joins' to gently smooth them away.
  5. When you are satisfied apply a thin layer of protective varnish and leave until dry.

Decorating plastic baubles with small sequins and beads.

  1. Pick which type of beads you would like to use, we chose a mixture of small glass beads and sequins for one of the baubles and larger wooden mixed beads for another.
  2. The glass beads and sequins can be glued on using silicone glue, as it drys clear you do not have to worry about getting glue on the visible surface of the beads.
  3. Tip the bead and sequin mix into a bowl or saucer, you may get glue on it during the sticking process so make sure it is an old one!
  4. Spread a thin layer of silicone glue over the bauble surface, if you are applying it to only one half of a bauble be careful not to get glue on the edges where the bauble clips together or you may not be able to close it after. Press the surface into the beads and sequins, you may need to 'roll' it gently around to ensure covering all of the surface.
  5. Put to one side to dry.
  6. Once dry give your bauble a shake so any loose beads fall away, if you find any uncovered patches use a little glue and apply more beads or sequins.
 Decorating a plastic bauble using wooden beads.
  1. To cover a plastic bauble surface using wooden beads is slightly trickier, you will need to apply silicone glue to some, not all, of the bauble surface and then stick on the wooden beads individually. 
  2. We used assorted sizes of beads so all the surface could be covered easily. 
  3. Repeat the process until the desired surface is covered and leave to dry.
  4. Once again be careful to avoid the edges where the bauble halves clip together.