Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Two Part Plastic Easter Eggs

Are you planning an Easter egg hunt and need some inspiration or guidance?  If so, you are in the right place!

Below you will find lots of hints, tips and links to help you plan your Easter egg hunt and buy the supplies that you will need for the best egg hunt in town.

Which Type of Egg Hunt Shall I Do?

There are two ways to organise an Easter Egg Hunt. The most popular way is to fill colourful two-part eggs with Easter treats, hide them around the home or garden and send the hunters off in search of them, clutching an Easter basket.

Another way to 'egg hunt' is to set up a treasure trail with clues inside the two part eggs or pinned along a trail, to help the hunters find the big main prize or 'golden egg'. This would be more suitable for older children, unless parents are able to help younger children with figuring out the clues.

Choosing Your Plastic Eggs

Let's start with the most important part of an egg hunt. The eggs! You will need to two-part plastic eggs for Easter egg hunts, make sure they are not one-part as you will be unable to get anything inside them.

Fillable plastic eggs come in four basic sizes:

  • Mini plastic eggs - 43mm tall, so smaller than you will probably have seen before and just a bit bigger than the mini foil wrapped chocolate eggs that Cadbury now sell in packets.
  • Standard plastic eggs - these are similar in size to chicken eggs and are 58mm tall.  This is the size egg you will be used to seeing and will hold a "Cadbury Creme Egg" easily.
  • Large plastic eggs - approximately 70mm tall and will easily hold a "Kinder Surprise" style egg.
  • Extra Large plastic eggs - 10cm tall and perfect for packs of sweets and slightly bigger treats.
  • Jumbo plastic eggs - at 15cm tall these are perfect for packing with treats or small Easter gifts.

Our plastic eggs are available in a choice of plain and patterned colourways, also printed designs and other finishes too. If you're looking for something really different, take a look at our popular two part plastic carrots and shiny golden eggs.

To make browsing our extensive range easier for you, we separate our plastic eggs into the following categories:

Bulk Buy Plastic Eggs

If you are holding a group egg hunt and need to buy your fillable plastic Easter eggs in bulk, our big packs of eggs are perfect. Whether you're planning a small group event or an egg hunt big enough for the whole town, we'll have a pack of eggs for you.

Available in a choice of designs and colours, you will find these are priced not to be beaten - with fast shipping to the UK too.

Re-use Your Eggs!

Remember, our two-part plastic eggs are re-usable; whether you keep them for use again next year, decorate them as a craft or repurpose them as something else.

There are plenty of ways to re-use plastic eggs, from making educational find-and-match maths and spelling toys to creating sensory play toys by sticking craft supplies such as beads, wool and buttons to the outside. You could also fill each egg half with cotton wool and make them into mini cress growing pots or use them to colour code small lumps of play clay, perfect for taking out and about when the kids need entertaining!

The options are endless and of course, any re-use is better than throwing them away...

Filling Your Plastic Eggs

If using chocolates or sweets, we recommend that you use wrapped sweets and eggs as fillers.  This will be more hygenic as our plastic eggs have little holes in each end for safety reasons. This also means that they will not hold liquid.

If you're looking to save the kids teeth a bit this Easter, we have a terrific range of non-edible novelties to fill our two-part eggs with. These include temporary Easter tattoos, self-inking Easter stampers, mini rubber ducks and Easter themed stickers.  You could always mix these with chocolate treats and sweets to stop the Easter morning sugar rush!

Bling Them Up!

Why not add some self adhesive jewels and gems to the outside of some of your eggs - it really adds some sparkle and makes them that little extra special.  We suggest self adhesive gems as you will not need to use glue etc. and many adhesives will not stick to the shiny non-pourous surface of plastic eggs. 

Of course, you could decorate your plastic eggs with different craft supplies, including foam, foam shapes & letters and funky stickers. Some words of warning:

- Decorated eggs will not take kindly to spring dew if left outside, so if you decorate them, leave as little time as possible before distributing the eggs and the egg hunt.

- It may sound obvious but the embellishments should be small enough to fit the egg. You don't want a tiny egg with a huge foam shape on it!

- Use the right adhesive!  If they are not self adhesive then use double sided tape, foam pads or glue dots for the best effect - do not use PVA or similar, as it won't stick.

- If you want to write on them, you will need a permanent marker, such as a "Sharpie" or similar.  Anything else will just wash off.

Baskets & Bags

So, you now have your eggs - what will the children gather them in?

We have a collection of egg hunt baskets and buckets ranging from traditional wicker style baskets to budget plastic baskets that are perfect for larger events. Explore the range to find the right baskets for your event.

Egg Hunt Accessories

Add some colour to your egg hunt with some additional egg hunt accessories including bunting and decorations to theme your event.

The Easter Bunny's Carrots

Every little Easter Bunny will love these colourful two-part plastic carrots. They make a great change from plastic eggs and are also terrific when mixed with normal plastic eggs.  As they are longer in shape than even the larger plastic eggs, you can also get small lollies and longer toys inside them.

We also have some lovely carrot bags, which can be used to wrap extra sweets and treats inside, as party bags and gifts at Easter time. Watch out that the Easter Bunny doesn't get them first though!

Golden Eggs

Our gold and metallic coloured plastic eggs look like they could have been laid by the goose from Aesop's fable.

The standard sized eggs are hugely popular and can be used for placing inside our "large" eggs as a prize token for an egg hunt or used on their own in the same way.  You could also place clues inside them for your egg hunt. Our extra large golden eggs are perfect for the main egg hunt prize or to give as an Easter gift.

Christian Themed Egg Hunts

If you are running an egg hunt with Sunday School, messy church or just want to explore the real meaning of Easter in your egg hunt, take a look at our range of Christian themed egg hunt supplies. The range includes plastic eggs, bunting, fillers and other egg hunt accessories too.

We also offer a great range of Christian themed craft supplies and craft kits for kids groups too. Our Christian Easter crafts are perfect to make as Easter gifts and to make on Easter Sunday too.

Make an Easter Gift Hamper

Why not use one of our Easter baskets to make into a gift by adding some filled plastic eggs.  You can then nestle these in shred and finish with a massive ribbon pull bow.

These baskets aren't great just for kids, they are lovely for adults too, perhaps for someone who is diabetic or on a diet, as you can fill the eggs with something other than chocolate...

Easter Bonnets & Bunny Ears!

If you're also making Easter bonnets, why not take a look at our ideas to make bonnets for both boys and girls.  You can also buy a suitable bonnet to either use plain or as a base for your craft project from our shop. 

Many people like to add bunny ears to their egg hunts - the kids love hoppity hopping around with their bunny ears whilst looking for eggs...

Easter Crafts for Kids

We also stock a terrific range of Easter craft kits for kids including supplies to make Easter chicks, Easter Bunny crafts, egg themed crafts and even spring lamb craft projects too.

If you are looking for crafts for Sunday School or symbolising the real meaning of Easter, we have a great range of Christian themed Easter crafts as well.