Frequently Asked Questions

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Q What are your delivery options?
Q Where are my goods?

Payment Options

Q Can I pay 'on account' for my school, charity or other organisation?
Q How can I pay for my order?


Q How do I exchange an item?
Q What is your returns and refund policy?

Damages & Packing Errors

Q My order is incomplete - what should I do?
Q Part of my order is damaged. What should I do?


Q Do prices include VAT?
Q How do I reclaim VAT I should not be paying?

My Basket

Q I am having problems with my basket, what can I do?
Q I can't log in to my account.
Q Why have the items disappeared from my basket?


Q How can I contact "the littlecraftybugs company"?
Q What is your telephone number?

Trade & Bulk Enquiries

Q Do you sell to trade?
Q Will you discount for volume purchases?


Q Can you send me a catalogue?
Q Can you send me samples?
Q I've heard you offer "bespoke" craft packages, can you help me?
Q Will you donate to my good cause?