Forget-Me-Not Flower Craft


We have created a floristry crepe forget-me-not craft idea, complete with PDF template, perfect for boutonnieres and corsages, maybe even as an embellishment on crackers or gifts.

The forget-me-not is a spring flower that is petite and beautiful. They grow in shades of pink, white and blue, but are best known for their blue blossoms and can add a splash of colour to a party celebration, wedding or christening.

The finished forget-me-not is approximately 45mm in diameter.

There are all kinds of legends that surround the forget-me-not. Some people speak of a legend that deals with a knight and his lady. The two went for a walk along the river bank where he picked her some flowers, but as he bent over to pick them he overbalanced and fell into the water. As he drowned, he threw the flowers to the woman that he loved and asked her to “forget me not”.

There are many more stories that are associated with this beautiful flower  and the forget-me-not is used as a symbol for love and remembrance by people all over the world.

Take a look at the How To tab to discover how to craft your own forget-me-nots.

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Shopping List
How to Make It
  1. Go to our blog page and print the forget-me-not PDF file. Cut our the stencils.
  2. We cut 5 petals from light blue crepe paper, 1 x flower centre from yellow crepe paper and 5 x stamen from white crepe paper.
  3. Roll the flower centre with the jagged edge at the top. Arrange the white stamen around the centre and wrap floristry wire around to secure it together. Next position the petals evenly around the edge and again secure with floristry wire.
  4. When secured, gently pull back the petals from the centre. Shape the petals by stretching them gently from the centre of the petal, to create a curve. Flatten the stamen against the petals and spread the yellow flower centre a little.

You can finish the flower off using floristry tape around the bottom to hide the wire and paper or you can just trim away the excess, being careful not to cut too close to the wire holding the flower together.

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