How to Make a Clown

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How to Make a Clown

These clowns use compressed paper balls which are a great alternative to polystyrene. However, you could use a polystyrene ball instead.

You could also make large versions of these clowns, perhaps using a tall box or jar and a larger ball to create a gift box or trinket jar.

Clowns are known for their wacky style so let your imagination run wild when it comes to picking out the colour combinations. We've left the clothes of our clowns plain but you could use patterned card or decorate the plain card yourself using sequins, pens or glitter glue.

One of these clowns would be sure to raise a smile. You could even attach a wooden stick to the inside of the tube and use it as a puppet!

  1. It is easiest to create the head of the clown first. To do this you will need to take the compressed paper or polystyrene ball and draw on the clown's eyes, nose and mouth. You could use a red pom pom for the nose instead.
  2. Next, the clown needs some hair. Fold a rectangle of tissue paper in half and cut it (from the unfolded end) so that you have a tissue paper 'comb'. Stick this onto the back of the clown's head.
  3. The clown now needs some arms. Cut two equal lengths of pipecleaner and push them into the ball, either side. Then cut some hands from card and attach them onto the ends.
  4. To create the body we used a piece of corrugated card, rolled into a tube and stuck together at the back. You could also use a toilet roll tube for this, empty of course!
  5. You can then accessorise the body of your clown. We cut a bow tie from some card and created the buttons by hole punching some of the card and using the 'punched' part. We then cut some feet out of black card, stuck them to the inside of the tube and then folded them out.
  6. Now you can assemble your clown. We simply put some tacky glue around the rim of the tube and rested the head onto it. Tacky Glue is best for this as it dries much quicker than PVA.
Corrugated Card Compressed Paper Ball Polystyrene Ball Pipecleaners Pens Card Tissue paper