How to Make & Fill Basic Large Crackers - That's Crackers!


We supply our basic large crackers as either complete kits or cracker boards with separately available accessories. Whichever way you have purchased your crackers, please follow the instructions below.

It’s important to note that crackers are designed to rip when they are pulled. Therefore, please be careful when assembling our crackers, as they may tear around the “diamonds” if handled too roughly.

  1. Firstly, gently push out all the “diamonds” from the necks of the cracker boards.
  2. Crackers have four sets of crease lines across each one (1). Lay the cracker, design side down, then gently crease the lines to help with assembly later (2).
  3. With the cracker, still design side down, place your snap along the length of the flat cracker so that each end of the snap sits evenly on the handles (3).
  4. Stick the snap securely at both ends with a glue gun or good quality strong sticky tape.
  5. If using tape, make sure you put the tape along the snap and not across (4). This will ensure the snap bangs when pulling the cracker.
  6. Gently roll the cracker to join the middle tab into the slot (5). At this stage take care to avoid tearing the crackers where the “diamonds” have been removed, as this is the weakest part of the cracker.
  7. Now, before securing the end tabs, tightly roll up the hat (6), if you have one, and place inside the barrel, making sure it is completely within the barrel area. When you let this go, it will then expand to fill the barrel (7), which will leave you room for your gift and joke later. Now secure both end tabs with care.
  8. If you have purchased cracker boards without accessories, use ribbon or twine from your craft box to tie the necks of your crackers. You will need approximately 30cm per cracker neck.
  9. If you have a complete cracker kit or have purchased an accessory pack separately, ribbon or twine will be included as one length. If you have a single cracker kit, cut the ribbon section in half. If you have a multiple pack of crackers, cut the ribbon at both ends of the card section that it’s wrapped around to get the lengths needed to tie your crackers. Always use sharp scissors for best results.
  10. Tie a piece of ribbon in a single knot around one neck of the cracker, pulling slowly and gently until you feel the cracker is completely secured. Keep tight but do not overtighten it and leave as a single knot (8).
  11. Now, fill your cracker with a joke and your chosen gift. Then tie the other cracker neck with another piece of ribbon. If necessary, trim the ribbons to complete your cracker.
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