Large Sunflower Crepe Craft Idea

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Large Sunflower Crepe Craft Idea

This floristry crepe paper flower is perfect as a stand alone centre piece or a focal addition to any bouquet. Our sunflower craft would suit a more experienced floristry crepe paper flower crafter and the finished sunflower head measures approximately 22cm diameter.

You may like to take a look at our Making Luxury Crepe Flowers page for other ideas and inspiration.

You will need the following crepe paper:

Cut 1: Stamen - brown crepe 4.5cm x 200cm
Cut 1: Stamen - black crepe 5cm x 50cm 5cmx 200cm 
Cut 34: Petals - yellow crepe 11cm x 20cm 
Cut 13: Sepal – green crepe 13cm x 26cm 
Cut 1: Flower Back/Stem top - green crepe 5cm x 10cm 
Cut 2: Leaves - green crepe 8cm x 10cm heart shapes

We used Anita's tacky glue when making our sunflower.

  1. Use the picture below as a stencil guide. 
  2. We used a brown crepe streamer roll, which is the correct width, cut to length, and the black floristry crepe was cut from the bottom of a complete roll of 250cm then divided into 1 x 50cm and 1 x 200cm pieces.
  3. A small offcut of black floristry crepe was used to cover the top of a piece of paper covered floristry wire approximately 3cm from the end.
  4. Cut a 3cm frill along the entire length of the black and brown 200cm strips. Stretch the crepe strips slightly and glue the brown crepe on top of the black crepe along the 2cm uncut edge, leave to dry.
  5. Once the glue has dried glue and wrap the stamen strip around the floristry wire, leaving the covered black tip slightly above the line of the crepe. Glue as you go and try to keep the bottom edge of the crepe even. Leave to dry.
  6. Gently stretch the bottom edge of the petals, glue them around the stamen ensuring an even distribution of petals to avoid gaps.
  7. Repeat with the sepal.
  8. Take your heart shapes and cut a few notches into the straight edges, you could use pinking shears for an even effect. Using floristry tape attach each leaf to a 10cm piece length of 18 gauge floristry wire.
  9. Apply glue to the flower back/stem top and stick around the sepal to create a cylinder of crepe. Gather at the bottom and secure using floristry tape, wrap tape along the length of the wire adding the leaves where you feel is best.

Enjoy your sunflower creation!