Make A Boys Sunflower Clown Party Hat

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Make A Boys Sunflower Clown Party Hat

Sunflowers aren't just for girls. As this sunflower clown hat shows, boys can wear them too!

This hat is perfect for a kids summer craft session, especially alongside the sunflower princess hat for the girls. Just lay out the supplies and let the kids create.

The base of this craft is one of our card party hats, which are available as single colours, mixed packs and in various designs. At only £1.99 for 8, these are a really cheap base for group craft sessions and have a brilliant colour!

Looking for more summer crafts for boys? Why not try our 'King of the Garden' crown too? 

  1. The bouncy spring is made using a yellow pipecleaner bent in half, which has been stuck inside a curly pipecleaner.
  2. To make the pipecleaner curly, wrap it around a pencil.
  3. The fabric sunflower has a wire stem attached and this has been stuck into the pipecleaner spring. The pipecleaner spring has been stuck into the small hole at top of the hat and stuck on the inside using some tape. Use an extra long pipecleaner for an extra long spring!
  4. These hats accept most craft supplies and glues. If you use PVA glue, use a tacky glue and allow time to dry.
  5. We recommend stickers and self-adhesive jewels when crafting with young kids as it means less mess!