Make A Girls Sunflower Princess Party Hat

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Make A Girls Sunflower Princess Party Hat

This sunflower party hat is perfect for a kids princess themed party or summer craft session. It's simple to make, just lay out the supplies and let the kids create...

If you have both girls and boys at your event, get the boys to make a sunflower clown summer party hat. It uses similar supplies to this craft, meaning you can accomadate everyone without having to buy loads of extra supplies!

You could also pre-make the hats for the kids to wear as part of a themed party.

The base of this craft is one of our card party hats, which are available as single colours, mixed packs and in various designs. At only £1.99 for 8, these are a really cheap base for group craft sessions and have a brilliant colour!

  1. The net is stuck through a tab at the back of the hat and secured using tape. Foil or iridescent shred would be a great alternative to this and can be secured using double sided sticky tape.
  2. The sunflower is made using our exclusive foam sunflowers and centres. Peppercorn pom poms have been stuck on top to give a 3D effect and the leaf had been cut from glitter card.
  3. Jewels are essential for princess crafts. We stuck these on with foam sticky pads. Stickers and self-adhesive jewels are better when crafting with young kids as it means less mess! and some kids may struggle to remove the backing on the sticky pad.
  4. These hats accept most craft supplies and glues. If you use PVA glue, use a tacky glue and allow time to dry.