Make An Easter Bunny Sweet Tree

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Make An Easter Bunny Sweet Tree

This minty Easter Bunny Sweet Tree is a great alternative gift for someone who doesn't like chocolate.

We love this tree as it is relatively simple to make. It’s great for a sweet tree novice or as a quick craft for the more experienced sweet tree makers! It could also be a craft for an adult and older child to do together. It is also fairly inexpensive to make and buy.

We used a 150mm Styrofoam or polystyrene ball, a 19mm to 22mm wide wooden stick and a medium 98mm high green tin pail. You could alter the proportions upwards but any smaller and you will struggle to get enough minty treats on the tree to achieve any impact.

If you don't want to worry about which shape goes with which stick, then why not try one of our sweet tree kits? Available in various colours and quantities, each kit contains a stick, polystyrene shape and tin pail.

Take a look at our other Easter ideas:

  1. First, paint the wooden stick and the polystyrene ball with white acrylic craft paints. The polystyrene ball may need a few coats of paint to ensure that it properly coated.
  2. Once the paint is dry you will need to set the stick into the tin pail. You could use plaster of paris or some air dry clay. The tin pail will be able to withstand the heat from the plaster of paris, but be careful as little fingers might not!
  3. Next, from white card cut out two ears and then a slightly smaller version from some pink card. After sticking the pink card to the white card, cut upwards from the base of the ears about 2cm in three or four places. Fold these ‘tabs’ that you have now created backwards and forwards alternately and then attached the ears to the polystyrene ball with tape. You could use pins or double sided tape for a more invisible adhesion.
  4. Then starting around the ears we have attached Clarnico mints with foam sticky pads - we have used two foam pads for each sweet as they are fairly heavy. Use the twisted ends of the sweets to cover any gaps.
  5. Once you have stuck on your required amount of sweets, cut out some bunny feet from white card and attach them with foam sticky pads underneath the ball onto some of the mints. Then, add some 40mm googly eyes, a large 35mm pink pom pom nose, white card teeth and white card whiskers. The eyes and teeth are stuck on with glue dots and we threaded a pin through the knot in the centre of the pom pom and then through the whiskers before pushing into one of the sweets.
  6. Don't forget his pom pom tail! We have used a 70mm giant white pom pom, which we have also attached using a pin through the knot of the pom pom and pushing this into a mint.