Make a Chick Easter Bonnet


How cute is this little chap!? A lovely bright idea to make your own Easter bonnet.

The way that it is made also means that you can re-use the bonnet with a new design next year. Of course, this is just for inspiration. You could vary the colours, perhaps a blue chick or a pink one? Or even change the chick for a rabbit or an egg.

A great entry into the Easter bonnet contest!

  1. To enable reuse of the hat, we have wrapped a bright yellow foam band around on of our straw bonnets. This has been cut from an A3 sheet of yellow foam, make sure you cut it from the bottom, so you can use the rest. If you do this, one sheet of A3 foam will be more than enough for the chick too.
  2. Cut a yellow egg shape from the same foam sheet for the chick body and attached this to the band.
  3. Using a A4 sheet of orange foam, we have cut out some feet and a beak and attached these to the body. This is followed by 25mm googly eyes, fluffy yellow feathers and some black pen details for the features.
  4. Finally, we have added some Easter paper shred around the base as a nest-like touch.
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