Making Crowns & Tiaras With Kids


Crowns and tiaras can be made as inexpensively or as lavishly as your budget allows. Perhaps the best thing about them is that they are completely freestyle and kids can get really creative.

We sell a great rnage of crown and tiara blanks, kits and even some ready to wear!

If you are looking to buy larger quantities, either as a one-off or regularly - please contact us with details of your requirements and we will do our best to help you. At littlecraftybugs we regularly bespoke craft kits for large and corporate craft events and would welcome the opportunity to help you.

Having experienced kid's crafting habits first hand, we have included some our top hints and tips to help you when making crowns or tiaras!

Shopping List
How to Make It
  1. First you need to choose your base. There are many options including flat crown bases, half head crowns (exclusive to littlecraftybugs), card roll (smooth, metallic and corrugated), pre-packed crown making kits, tiara blanks an tiara craft kits.
  2. As an alternative to crown making crafts, tiara making princess crafts are also extremely popular – generally more so with girls than boys though!
  3. When decorating your crowns the possibilities are endless. Here’s a few ideas to start you off! 12mm pom poms, sequins & confetti, tissue paper, jewels & gems, foam stickers and shapes, glitter and glitter glue, ribbons and ribbon bows, feathers and stickers.
  4. If you are looking to make patriotic crowns, why not use a plain base in red, white or blue. You could then embellish this with craft supplies in the other two colours of the union jack.
  5. We strongly recommend either using a tacky glue or fast tack glue for kids crafts where a quick result is required. Kids obviously can’t use mega fast and strong adhesives or hot glue guns. Therefore, these glues really are the next best option. Our tacky glue is our best selling glue for kids crafts; it is far tackier than PVA from the outset and will be relatively dry within 10-15 minutes from application, compared to the hours it takes for normal PVA to dry.
  6. As an alternative you could limit the items you are using on your crowns to only self-adhesive items, such as stickers, sticky gems and self-adhesive foam shapes. However with stickers in mind, we suggest foam stickers for the corrugated roll, rather than flat stickers as they stick better and won't become all bumpy in the corrugation. We have an extensive range of flat or paper stickers which are ideal for crown making crafts using smooth card roll or crown bases.
  7. Some crowns will need to be secured closed after decoration. Although you could use a stapler for this, we suggest double sided tape. As these are sold in rolls and you will then have some left over, you can use this for attaching any larger jewels etc to the crown. However, please bear in mind that you will be unable to stick pom poms, pipe cleaners etc with double sided tape and sequins etc will be too small for the tape.
  8. If you are using PVA glue or paint, don't forget that this needs to dry. It's a good idea not to do this craft too near the end of the session as the kids will be going home with crafts sliding down their face on PVA glue!
  9. If you have another craft, it would be an idea to do these crowns first. Similarly, at a party, these are best done straight away and before games/party tea, which both make valuable drying time.
  10. Our top tip is to use decent glue, Tacky glue is the best as it dries far more quickly than regular PVA.
  11. Use glitter glue sparingly - it can take forever to dry if used liberally.
  12. What would we suggest that you avoid? Large pom poms, beads and pipecleaners all tend to ping off when the crown is worn. Aside from this, if they are self adhesive or a good tacky glue will stick it - then go for it!
  13. Make sure you have enough crown bases and if you are using rolls of card our advice is to measure, measure, measure!

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