Paper Flower Making

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Paper Flower Making

Paper flower making can be a fabulous crafty way to create stunning blooms for gifts, table centres, weddings and more.

The crepe paper flowers made from our stencils sets look beautiful and, if you have a little crafty experience, are fairly easy to make. The stencil sets feature basic instructions on how to make the design but our designer, Maria, has found that these hints and tips make the job a lot easier!

  1. Make sure you have a sturdy, sharp pair of scissors, floristry crepe is tough stuff!
  2. The vertical lines on the stencil (located after the stencil number) indicate the grain of the crepe paper, so be careful when positioning your stencil to check them first.
  3. Choose your colours before cutting! This helps prevent mistakes and waste.
  4. You can draw very lightly around the stencils, but be careful when cutting that no lines are visible on the edges of your cut out petals and leaves.
  5. Alternatively, you can hold the stencil against the crepe and cut around, just be careful not to let the stencil move or the result will be misshapen.
  6. Please remember that crepe is a sturdy material, and the greater the layers the tougher it is to cut, I found 4 layers to be managable.
  7. When your confidence has grown you can experiment with the stencils, maybe adding extra petals or leaves.
  8. You can create crepe paper flowers in any colour, to fit any occassion, so you can be adventurous with your colour choices.
You can create simple beautiful flowers using crepe paper streamers or tissue paper, take a look at our How To tab for inspiration.

An ideal accompaniment, or alternative, to handmade paper flowers are our range of diecut daisies and water lillies, you can discover them here.